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x__cubicles's Journal

Trash flavoured trash..
16 December
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Hi; I'm Rachel.
& I'd like it if you called me Molly.
I'm a twat; & you probably won't like me.
At all.
I'm brutally honest most of the time.
I'm a very romantic person.
& I love relationships.
I love where i live; especially when it snows.
I watch cartoons a lot.
I'm very immature. but i like it.
I have three best friends;
& they are my world.
There's a boy. & he's adorable.
And I want him to be mine :]
I have a thing for male hands.
& also; green eyes.
I like listening to rain on my window.
I love screamo music. A lot.
I also love hip hop music;
& i dance to it like a spazz.

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I have a huge obsession with this man.

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